What Is This Site All About?

logo_500Academic Life is a blog for PhD students, post-docs and early career academics.

Most of my posts provide advice on academic writing, work-life balance and productivity, and strategies for a successful career in academia.

As a teacher and supervisor, I have helped many students successfully complete their theses or dissertations and move up to the next stage of their professional development.

My aspiration is to provide a much needed guidance in a highly competitive environment and ensure that you too can move closer to realising your dreams and your ambition.

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Now… How to Use This Site?

Simple. Either click the BLOG tab and browse through my posts or go to the CATEGORIES tab and find out about topics and posts that may be specifically relevant to you.

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How Else Can I Help You?

Glad you asked!

If you are here to find out how you can improve your academic writing, I have the right course for you. Hands on Writing: How to Improve Academic Writing in the Sciences is a 6-week online course that will teach you how to master your writing skills in an easy-to-follow step-by-step program. Click here to receive notifications when registrations are open.

Writing may well be the single most important tool of a successful academic career – Patricia Goodson, Author of Becoming an Academic Writer

I also provide one-to-one coaching specifically tailored to your needs. Just contact me for a 30-min FREE Strategy Session if you want to find out more.

So, Who Am I Anyway?


My name is Marialuisa Aliotta. I am a Full Professor at the University of Edinburgh (UK) with a fifteen-year experience in university education both at undergraduate and post-graduate level.

My research interests are in experimental nuclear astrophysics (which means, I study the nuclear reactions that take place in stars and contribute to the synthesis of the chemical elements in the Universe). If you want to find out more about my own academic life, go over to my professional page

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