Speaking, Writing and Publishing

How Long Does Your Writing Take?

You ARE a Writer, Whether You Know It or Not

Mastering the Art: The Two Stages of Writing

What Can Celebrity Chefs Teach You About Writing

The Best Infographic Ever on 15 Common Grammar Mistakes

When Publishing Gets Tough: Letter From A Frustrated Author

City Maps and Theses Layouts

High vs. Low Impact-Factor Journals: What Difference Does It Make to Your Writing Style?

My Own Personal 100% Ripped-Off Guide to Critical Reading and Writing (guest post)

How to Keep on Top of Your Writing and Reading Activities

My Number One Secret to Become a Better Writer

It’s Its, Isn’t It?

7 Habits of Effective Speakers (or How to Get More Invited Talks on Your CV)

holiday question 1: Why are there so few Academic Writing courses? (re-blog)

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