The Power of Nature!

Wow! That was completely unexpected! Of course, I knew that guest posts are a very useful way of increasing traffic to your site. But I just did not imagine the amazing response I received from my recent post on the Soapbox Science, a community guest blog from Well over 1000 visits, from over 20 different countries, and 18 new subscribers! So, a big Thank You to all my readers and to Laura Wheeler for her kind invitation. What was the post about? Scroll down to find out.

Here it is: Top 10 Tips to Succeed in Your PhD Click on the link or visit any of the pages listed below (you’ll find the link on the sidebar). Oh, and by the way…

…if you are struggling with any aspects of your PhD, just let me know. Whether it is writing up your thesis, or drafting your first paper, or simply re-gaining motivation to continue working at your project, I can help you develop a personalised plan to achieve your next goal and build up momentum towards successful completion.

Just email me at marialuisa.aliotta at for a FREE 30-mins “Let’s Plan Your Strategy!” Skype call.

But hurry up! I’ve got only a couple of spaces left.

To Your Success!


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